Magic Mushroom: The Experience and What to Expect

magical mushrooms

During a psilocybin trip, emotions often occur, including euphoria and a feeling of total immersion in your environment. These are often accompanied by visual changes; the boundaries between shapes can blur, the air can assume a substantial, hazy quality. Try to close your eyes. The darker your environment is, the more mushrooms you can make the visual magic of your mental landscape. The boundary between reality and imagination can disappear entirely, so a new, lighter sense of the world guides you beyond the everyday. An area that is timeless and full of creativity…


Of course, the psilocybin experience is different for everyone, but all psilocybin trips follow similar patterns and timelines.

The Beginning:

The effects of magic mushrooms usually begin to appear between 30 minutes and 1 hour after ingestion, but can last up to 2 hours. The more full your stomach, the longer it will take to begin to feel the change. This feeling can be subtle at first. For example, you can get a glimpse of another energy spread throughout your body. This gets stronger as we start to take an interest in the environment.

What you can see, or your thoughts might suddenly look humorous to you. The first change in this perception from mediocre to etheric may be accompanied by a pair of fears and nausea. This is perfectly normal and you don’t have to worry. With the right mood and settings, the first anxiety you may feel is usually a toothing problem that diminishes as the journey becomes more intense. The atmosphere of synthesis has been carefully designed to capture and soften the potential for anxiety, making your psilocybin experience as comfortable as possible at the start.


Trip with psilocybin mushrooms seems to slow down, accelerate, or even disappear altogether, but the acute effects of magical mushrooms, or most trips, occur over 4-6 hours. During this time, a new sense of your consciousness smolders, builds, and develops. The intensity and taste of the trip itself depend on many variables, including:

  • Your way of thinking
  • Your metabolism
  • The kind of mushroom you took
  • The dose

The visual and cognitive changes that people often experience after eating psilocybin mushrooms include:

Visual distortion:

These include drift (warping or distortion of objects and surfaces), changing or intensifying colors, and the formation of haze in the air. The movement of people or objects can cause visible imprints. The scene around you may appear to be divided into sections, or it may seem to develop visual geometry-the the clarity that seems to represent the inner workings of things. A change in perception of depth can change the perception of size and the distance between nearby objects.

Cognitive Effect:

Mushroom highs are hazy, less irritating, and relaxed than other psychedelic tryptamines such as 2C-B and LSD. Nevertheless, expect a surge of strong emotions, including compassion, empathy, and affection for others, especially those with whom you may share experiences. You may feel multiple emotions at the same time. Confusion, fear, and paranoia can occur, especially among those who are new to experience altered states of consciousness or those who are not ready to travel. Old memories may come back or be readjusted. Your thoughts can be more detailed with a richer connection with each other. Creative progress is common.

After 4-6 hours, the effects of magical mushrooms begin to diminish. About 8 hours after the first ingestion, you can expect your sleep ability to recover and become normal.


The period after the effects of magical mushrooms peak is known as “afterglow.” So, after your journey, you’ll find a clear sense and a fascination with the new world with you. You may no longer be a “stumbling block,” but the intellectual brilliance of ingenuity that characterizes the acute psilocybin experience remains.

Depending on the power of the individual and the magical mushroom, and the nature of their personal journey, this new wonder and possible sensation of charged energy can last for hours or days.

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